Services + Pricing

Full pricing available via email at Custom pricing is available. 
  • Team Fitness Workshop (working through the manual with Coach Q)
    • Cadance = Full/half a season- 1 hr team session focused on agreed upon topics by the team utilizing the mental fitness manual to increase team chemistry and individual mental fitness.
      • Full season service = 2-3 sessions pre-season, 1 session each quarter of the season + as needed post-season session. Pre and post test for statistical analysis via Google
      • Half season service = 1 or 2 pre-season sessions, mid season check-in, 1 session at the end prior to post season. Pre and post test for statistical analysis via Google
  • Coach Mental Fitness Workshop
    • Mental fitness workshops for coaches to have round table discussion focused on the issues of managing mental within their respective organizations.
    • Pricing = flat fee of $25.00 per person + building fee (dependent on time of year)
    • Time = 2-3 hrs,
      • 1 hour number presentation on the manual,
      • Hours 2-3 is spent in discussion on the challenges they face with mental diagnostic expertise as well as different approaches coaches can take to manage individual and group dynamics
    • Currently only for Coaches, Athletic Directors, Club Coaches etc...
    • Location: Annex of the Gentle Shepherd
  • Mental Fitness Manual
    • Individual journal sales for private use 
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